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Our online sales training courses provide sales professionals the opportunity to receive live, fully interactive training in a structured environment – all from the comfort of your own desk. The virtual sales training method offers all the interactivity of a traditional classroom — without having to go to the expense of a live training program.

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Whether it's a call-center of 300 people or a boiler-room* with 3 people, John Raygoza has experience starting up, operating, and producing killer results over the phone. From interview questions, to training and grooming your sales people to be loyal hustlers.

Allow John to create masterful sales pitches just for your company: explicitly, characteristically, and respectively for
your sales floor...only. Whether you sell web design, coaching, raising capital, non-profit, for-profit, or pitching on stage, we will engineer a pitch that will have prospects cheerfully forking over their credit cards.

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Prevent consumer fraud: someone buys a product enjoys it, then calls their credit card provider and reports it lost, stolen or claims identity theft. That's why we've created an iron-clad method of not only WINNING all chargebacks, but a fail-proof system of avoiding them all-together.

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